I have always liked to teach, to share experience with my young colleagues. At the CNSM, I teach “sight reading” for strings.  I tackle sight reading techniques, the repertoire running the gamut from baroque to contemporary music; I work with students who are composers; I teach the role of the leading player in an orchestra section, a.s.o

The ”Ecoles d’art américaines“, located at Fontainebleau, were founded by Nadia Boulanger in 1921.  Since then, French style music teaching has been provided every summer in July to highly qualified music students from the entire world. I have been teaching there for more then 10 years, and currently I hold the positions of executive director and pedagogical coordinator.

As for the cello repertoire, I teach it in my cello class at the Regional Conservatoire (CRR) in Rueil-Malamison, near Paris.

Since 2009, I have had the opportunity to discover an extraordinary musical culture and exceptional musicians in a magnificent country: Brazil.  There I occasionally give master classes (in partnership with the CNSM) to students of the National School of Music of Sao Paulo (the EMESP) and to children living in favelas, under the GURI program.

In September 2016, I had the pleasure to join the famous European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) team. This is for me a great possibility to teach to high qualified young international chamber groups.