13 September 2018 / News

New projects this fall

After nice holidays, here are my new projects this fall! I will alternate concerts, new shows and masterclasses. For the centennial of the end of the First World War, I will be in Brie-Compte-Robert with harp player Delphine Benhamou and Elodie Fondacci for the text, with our new show: « Le violoncelle poilu », on Friday September … Read More

6 July 2018 / News


Festivals are the best way to spend the summer! June 30 I will play with the Calliopée ensemble at the “Festival de Forêts”, near the imperial city of Compiègne, Mozart’s, Fauré’s and Kasparov’s piano quartets. The 2018 session of the Ecoles d’art américaines and their festival at the chateau of Fontainebleau will be the occasion to discover various programs, from Debussy unpublished pieces to contemporary music. I … Read More

11 March 2018 / News


One swallow doesn’t make a spring (or a summer!), but new projects do! After “Sakura” at the French music Academy (March 20th to April 1st), I will have the pleasure to create Yves Chauris’ new piece for violin and cello with Stephanie-Marie Degand, at the Kyoto Alti Hall on March 30th. The program includes Cesar Frank’s famous piano quintet! From April 5th to April 9th, I will join again the ECMA session in Oslo, Norway, and from April 15th to April 20th, I will … Read More

19 January 2018 / News

Happy new year 2018

Start the new year with our show about the extraordinary life of  dancer Isadora Duncan  with Clotilde Courau and the Calliopée ensemble at the Musée d’Orsay on February 10. Take part in the July 2018 session of the Ecoles d’art américaines and the Fontainebleau festival! Apply  here until February 2. From March 23 to April 1, I will have the pleasure to celebrate Sakura for the first time at the Academie de musique Française … Read More

28 September 2017 / News


After a nice sunny summer, each fall brings new projets. On Octobre 6, I will play again at the Auditorium of our CRR of Rueil Malmaison, with my colleagues Angeline Pondepeyre and Gilles Henri, a very nice French music program: Debussy, Ravel and a collaborative work by Fontainebleau Schools alumni inspired by a musical anagram. On October 7, I will play with Karine Lethiec for a collaboration with “Futurs composés” at … Read More